Alghero and Castelsardo

Discover Alghero, one of the most famous cities in Sardinia! You will visit the historic center in Catalan style, surrounded by its ramparts, where you can admire the houses, portals and vaults perfectly preserved.

You will have free time for walking and shopping, where you will have the opportunity to buy the "Corallium Rubrum", Latin name of the Red Coral, which is the most characteristic element of the city of Alghero and renowned throughout the world.

After walking through the streets of Alghero, discovering this beautiful city, you will stop to have lunch and then continue to Castelsardo: a typical fishing club, overlooking a promontory, overlooking the Castle of Admiral Doria, where inside you can explore the Museum of Interweaving. The tour continues with the external visit of the Cathedral of Sant'Antonio Abate; then you will have free time to shop and you can buy wicker products, Castelsardo being famous for this material. 

The tour continues towards Sedini, a Sardinian club where you can explore the famous Elephant Rock: a large trachytic boulder, with a strong rust color, considerably eroded by atmospheric agents, which have given it the unique appearance of a sitting pachyderm; of considerable archaeological importance for the two Domus de Janas, which are housed inside and are considered the most representative monument, dating back to the pre-Nuragic period. After spending this time exploring this wonderful club, we will return to the club.


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